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10 Ways A Woman Can Find Out If A Man Is Unfaithful Through His Credit Card


Suspect your man has been cheating on you? Just need the proof? His credit card statement could be the best place to start snooping around. Here’s our guide to the top 10 ways for women to spot and trap a love rat!

11 Odd Things People Do With Credit Cards


Credit cards are useful things, but what should you do with them when they expire?

Don’t just cut them up and throw them away!

We live in a world where recycling is encouraged so why not re-use your credit cards!

How secure is Chip and PIN?

Though innovations in card payment systems are improving security, research by two Cambridge students calls for more caution from card users. This is not usually welcome from the banks but it is good for them to realize the weaknesses in their system and be more proactive to address them.

Extra charges on parking paid by credit card illegal

Thousands of drivers in London who have been slapped with an additional 1.3% on parking for paying by credit card could heave a sigh of relief as the fees have now been declared illegal by the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (Patas).